Generation Rent

  • Posted on: 25 July 2015
  • By: webmaster

Excellent article in the Guardian highlighted the key challenges for Generation Rent and for the country.  High rents mean tenants find it difficult to save for deposits to purchase a home.  The Short term of the tenancy means a life of uncertainty especially for those with children.  Children’s education being disrupted by frequent changes of school as the household moves to a new rented property. 

My question is what impact will this have on social mobility and recruitment in the less well paid professions, the caring professions.  Will people afford to join the caring professions? If they do will their children’s education have to be sacrificed?  If we are committed to a balanced economy and society, where social mobility flourishes, we have to be committed  not only to building more homes but also housing law reform. After all a stable home benefits us all.