My five pledges to London Lib Dems

Becoming a Lib Dem GLA member shouldn't just be about the specific issues the GLA deals with - vital though transport, police, housing, planning etc all are. 

I want to be a Lib Dem GLA Member who helps build the wider Lib Dem family across London. That's why I'm making 5 pledges to London Lib Dem Members. So, if I you vote for me and I am elected next May, I make these pledges.

Working for Lib Dems in every Borough

  • To press the Mayor on any issue a Lib Dem London Borough Party raises with me, and to help and support your ward and/or Borough level campaigning on such issues.

Helping activists campaign on their Borough's housing issues

  • To help any and every Lib Dem London Borough Party develop their housing policies and campaigns.

Opening City Hall to London members

  • To hold at least two events a year at City Hall for members - initially focusing on new members and student members - to both explain in person what we are doing on the GLA and to hear what are the latest issues party members would like me to focus on.

Lead the party's fightback in London

  • To play an active role in all Liberal Democrat campaigns and elections across London (whether or not they involve the GLA). I am especially keen to back the campaigns to oppose the abolition of the Human Rights Act and to keep the UK in the European Union - and to help in the crucial 2018 Borough elections. 

Revamp the party's digital campaigning

  • To work with party HQ, party experts and members to improve the digital campaigning skills of every local party and interested member.